Consumer applications, such as personal computers, are used throughout businesses, homes, educational facilities, and other institutions to perform individual or shared word processing, Internet research and communications, information and file sharing and other applications. Tens of millions of PCs are shipped worldwide each quarter. 

Power management is a critical aspect of personal computer use from both a physical size perspective and a longevity perspective. Power components occupy much space inside PCs, so manufacturers want a smaller power footprint. Backlit displays drain battery power; users want longer-lasting batteries.

pSemi’s power products, which are scalable by power and input voltage, enable huge increases in power conversion efficiency, with a substantially-reduced size and lower overall cost. pSemi produces LED backlight boost converters, which provide up to 10% improvement in LED backlight efficiency, and buck regulators for core voltage (VCORE), VCCIO, memory, field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), which provide an improvement in conversion efficiency.

Our power products reduce PC power management footprint by >50%, height of components by factor 3x and losses in power management by up to one half, while increasing platform run-time by more than one hour.

pSemi products for consumer include: 

RF Switches

RF Attenuators

RF Tx/Rx Modules

Power Management