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Who Are We?

At pSemi, we take what “can’t be done” and transform it into an industry first. We value bold, innovative ideas that advance our connected world and drive semiconductor innovation.

Headquartered in sunny and beautiful San Diego, pSemi offers outstanding growth opportunities, benefits and workforce diversity. pSemi has offices located in the major global tech hubs to support our talented current and future engineers. We have offices on three continents and across eight different time zones. We’re building electronics for the connected world.

We’re part of the Murata family... and that is a HUGE advantage

We are proud to be a part of the over 74,000 Murata employees who are shaping the future of electronics. As a Murata company, pSemi leverages the breadth of Murata’s manufacturing and technology leadership while maintaining a level of autonomy that accelerates our path to semiconductor innovation. We operate more like an accelerator backed by an electronics giant—the perfect blend of innovation, stability and scale.

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Working at pSemi is rewarding, both personally and professionally. That’s why we call it our Total Rewards program. 

We offer a competitive base salary, medical plan options, paid vacation time and opportunities to create savings for your future with 401(k)/Roth 401(k) options. We thrive on recognizing our employees and teams, and we get really excited when they refer their respected peers to us through an employee referral bonus program. 

Your professional growth is our top prirority. We are committed to providing our employees with career advancement opportunities and tuition reimbursement. We keep our employees on the leading edge of technology with support for filing patents, authoring whitepapers and creating compelling articles for one of our industry trade journals.

Competitive Base Salary

Medical / Dental / Vision

401(K) / Roth

Flexible Spending Accounts

Employer-Paid Life Insurance

Paid Holidays, Vacation & Sick Time


Our company culture sets us apart from the competition.

With a focus on innovation, wellness and fun, our company culture inspires employees to develop their full personal and professional potential within a positive, encouraging and supportive work environment.

Our company's positive culture is derived from our understanding that success is the result of hard work, and constant support is essential to achieve our individual and team goals. We believe in Total Rewards to foster a challenging environment where we can all achieve success.

Join a team that inspires success and rewards your professional and personal growth!


We all want to lead healthy, active and productive lives. At pSemi, we don’t just talk it; we walk it! Don’t be surprised if you catch our top executives running (literally) around our campus!

Our wellness culture includes a broad range of activities, including:

  • Two paid “wellness days” per year, where you can volunteer at a charitable event or participate in an organized wellness event of your choosing
  • Active Mondays, where you can participate in a fitness activity, receive free snacks and have the opportunity to win prizes!
  • Lunch-and-learn sessions
  • Onsite fitness classes twice a week during lunch at our San Diego offices
  • Onsite massage therapy every Friday at our San Diego headquarters
  • Gym membership discounts
  • Company-sponsored events such as marathons and 5K races
  • Weekly volleyball games
  • “Maintain No Gain”, an annual contest where participants are rewarded for maintaining or losing weight during the holiday season

Life at pSemi

Joel Keller

VP, Finance and Corporate Controller

Joined: 1997

How is pSemi different than other companies?

“As a long-term employee (over 20 years), I’ve seen pSemi grow through many stages of corporate life. Although we have changed greatly over this time, one thing remains the same—our ‘venture spirit.’ This phrase was coined by a Murata executive shortly after they acquired us in 2014. He said that pSemi’s venture spirit was one of reasons they wanted us to join the Murata family. The phrase so perfectly sums up what I have always felt when I think of pSemi. We have an environment and culture that embraces creativity and innovation from all employees and in all ways. We can and do compete with semiconductor companies many times our size. We created silicon-on-sapphire switches when no one thought it could be done. Then we did it again with CMOS switches. And we continue to do the same with many other products and markets.”

What does it mean that pSemi is a Murata company?

“Even before our acquisition we punched well above our weight. Now as part of the 74,000+ employee Murata organization, we have access to and support technology and products that run from RF to power to sensors in markets from mobility to automotive to healthcare and IoT. Whether your role is engineering or non-engineering, pSemi has a place for you to support the organization in a way that allows us to deliver high-performing products to the most demanding customers in the world. Join us and see how you can be a part of our alchemy of success.”

Khushali Shah

Senior Manager, RFIC Design

Joined: 2011

How is pSemi different than other companies?

"The collaborative culture at pSemi offers opportunities to work with cross-functional teams across design, technology, marketing, operations, supply chain management etc., thereby providing a comprehensive understanding of how our engineering efforts impact the business. Additionally, pSemi is very supportive of the career development of its employees, and the company provides resources and tools to develop skills relevant for the job."

What do you enjoy most about your job?

"At pSemi, I have the opportunity to drive impact in the mobile ecosystem by working with incredibly smart and motivated colleagues to solve challenging problems across different components of front-end RFIC development."

How does pSemi focus on semiconductor innovation?

"The pSemi culture supports the idea generation and innovation process. Our leaders identify a few key initiatives that will have the greatest impact and focus on those projects, which results in advanced process technology as well as a holistic intellectual property portfolio."

Erica Helgerson

Senior Manager, Intellectual Property (IP)

Joined: 2004

How would you describe the pSemi culture?

“People at pSemi have a can-do attitude. Employees find the most challenging problems and tackle them with a sense of ownership, determination and grit. Over the years, we have established concerted efforts where employees rally together and solve complex, multi-dimensional problems. These moments have built strong teams and long-lasting professional work relationships.

Innovation has always been a core part of our DNA. For that reason, we have attracted talented engineers who are interested in breaking known boundaries and developing new technology. In my current department of intellectual property, I am fortunate to work with engineers in all product spaces on the latest innovations of the company.”

How has pSemi impacted your career?

“pSemi has enabled me to grow and transition through multiple careers while working at one company. I began my career in RF circuit design, then transitioned to develop a brand new technology platform group, and now lead and manage our patent portfolio development. I feel fortunate to have the support from the company to explore and develop my skills in these distinctly different areas.

The breadth of every position I’ve had at pSemi has kept my work fresh, interesting and challenging. Roles at pSemi require critical thinking and outside-of-the-box solutions. This attracts and develops multi-dimensional employees. Each week, I meet new and unexpected challenges to tackle.”

Nicholas Comfoltey

Senior Director, RFFE Engineering

Joined: 2006

How has pSemi impacted your career?

“pSemi has given me the opportunity to grow my career, allowing me to progress to more advanced and challenging roles on a regular basis. I started as an intern in 2006 and now have significant responsibility and influence on our strategy and technology development.”

How does pSemi focus on semiconductor innovation?

“pSemi spends heavily on R&D. We have numerous ongoing projects to advance RF SOI technologies and create state-of-the-art RF products. We try to envision the future of our industry and select short-, medium- and long-term developments that will bring that vision to reality.

pSemi has a spirit of innovation, and our team works hard together to change the status quo. pSemi is a company where people come together to help each other develop never-before-seen products and technologies.”

What does it mean that pSemi is a Murata company?

“As a global leader in electronics, Murata is well known and respected in the industry. We are able to leverage the strength of Murata as an organization and brand to open doors and create solutions that pSemi could never have done on its own. We have the strength of a 74,000+ employee company and the nimbleness of a much smaller firm. It is truly the the best of both worlds.”


The following FAQs will tell you how to apply for an open position at pSemi. Please review the following FAQs before applying for a position.

  • How do I find current open positions available at pSemi?

    Our engineering, professional and internships positions are posted online. View our available positions.

  • How do I apply for a position?

    You must apply to a specific position by applying online. You have to complete the full online application, even if the information is available on your resume. We do not accept paper resumes or email inquiries.

  • I submitted my application online, now what?

    The pSemi talent acquisition team reviews all applicants and contacts those who meet the minimum qualifications for next steps in the interview process. 

  • What if I want to apply for more than one job?

    pSemi encourages all applicants to apply for all positions that may be of interest. 

  • I was contacted by one of your recruiters, should I also apply online?

    Yes, your online application will assist recruiters in moving you through the process and help the recruiter share other possible opportunities that align with your background and interest. Please apply here

  • Does pSemi offer internships?

    Yes! Please view our available positions and search by "Intern" for available internships. Our internship program serves junior or senior level undergraduates, as well as graduate students who are interested in learning more about our cutting-edge technology and gaining hands-on experience.

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